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We’re proud.

Not just of our remarkable customer service record, but also the support and advice we offer to every Racoon hair extension user.

Our remarkable customer service record

Our Customer Support team are on hand to answer any questions and they’re not buck-passers – each one has a wealth of knowledge and extensive training, meaning you’re just a call away from advice and support.

With the customer service support, your free Haircare booklet and the Racoon Aftercare range, you’ll be able to take care of your fabulous new hair at home.

In case you have any questions, here are some Racoon tips to make sure you get the most out of your look, and more importantly, keep your natural hair safe.

If you’re in any doubt about the quality of your hair extensions or how they’ve been applied, please refer back to your salon for more information.

Download the Beyond The Salon aftercare booklet for tips and advice on how to maintain your hair extensions.

Soft and Tacky

Make sure you thoroughly dry the bonds of your hair extensions after washing or they can soften and eventually become loose.

Whenever you wash your hair, make sure the bonds are the driest they can be – this stops them from slowly absorbing water, which will cause the bonds to swell.

Any soft bonds can be replaced at your next maintenance appointment at your salon.

Combatting Matting

The most common cause of matting is when the hair extensions are brushed when wet, causing the hair to stretch and buckle. Only a Racoon wide tooth comb should be used on wet hair extensions.

Damage can also be caused when maintenance appointments are not regularly scheduled.

Other reasons can cause matting but advice can be given by your certified Racoon stylist.

Hot Hot Hot

If you apply heat more than 160˚c, the hair extensions and natural hair can be destroyed – this cannot be reversed. Detoxing and conditioning the hair will improve its condition, but will not solve the underlying issue of the heat damage.

Always take care to use heat infrequently and at our recommended temperature of below 160˚c or below to keep your hair extensions and your natural hair in luscious, lustrous condition.

Breaking up

When the hair has been brushed when it’s wet, it can buckle and tangle, which in turn compromises its strength.

Correct brushing and drying techniques are detailed in your salon aftercare guide. A brush should never be used on our standard hair. Only a wide tooth comb should be used, when wet or dry.

Fun in the Sun

Just back from the sun?

Treat yourself to a Racoon-Xtend Detox Shampoo and Conditioning Hair Mask as hair often suffers from product build-up, chlorine damage and weather damage while on holiday.

This treatment shouldn’t be used on a frequent basis, but it revitalises your hair when needed, keeping the integrity of the bond and ensuring your style always looks great.

Hair extensions should always be applied at least two weeks before the start of your holiday so they can acclimatise to your usual routine. Use Racoon-Xtend Everyday Conditioner throughout your trip to keep your hair rehydrated.

Dull, Dry and Dreary

If your hair becomes lifeless and straw-like, it may be because of product build-up. The hair may feel tacky to touch.

Tease any matting free with a Racoon comb and detox hair with our Racoon-Xtend Detox Shampoo to clear product build-up. Then treat with the Racoon-Xtend Conditioning Hair Mask to condition the hair back to its original state.

Spider Hairs

Every one of us loses 100 hairs a day due to natural shedding of dead hair.

Some may become attached to the bonds of the hair extensions, creating ‘spider hairs’. When spider hairs become attached to each other, matting occurs, creating a dreadlocked effect.

Keep regular maintenance and rotation appointments to ensure the bonds remain in good condition. Outside of appointments, you can separate attached bonds yourself by gently teasing apart the hair with one hand.

Baby Boom

If you’re pregnant, you can still have extensions after a successful consultation with your Racoon stylist. We recommend that you consider having the extensions removed a minimum of two weeks before the baby is due as it’s perfectly natural to shed hair after the birth.

However, many woman decide to retain their hair extensions throughout their pregnancy, but schedule more frequent maintenance and rotation appointments.

If the extensions are removed, we’d suggest that you wait a minimum of 12 weeks after the big event before reapplying hair extensions.

Safe and Sound

The bonding used for Racoon International hair extensions is an inert polymer, which means you can’t be allergic to it.

The bonding is not applied to the skin or scalp – it is applied two-fingers width from the scalp and can’t travel via the hair shaft.



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