Got a question that needs answering quick?

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked ones.

What do I do if I have a problem or a question?

Make sure you raise any nagging questions with your Racoon stylist at one of your regular maintenance checks and salon appointments. They will be able to help you instantly.

You can also call our Customer Support team, who are standing by to give you guidance whenever you need it and answer queries over the phone.

Once you have your hair extensions applied, you will be given an Aftercare booklet explaining everything you need to know to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful.

What do the Racoon-Xtend products do?

Racoon International has developed a range of products to complement and give added lustre to your hair extensions and your natural hair.

Racoon-Xtend ensures the bonds will not break down and the hair continues to look like you’ve just left the salon.

The range will cleanse, condition and maintain your hair, and will be available from the salon where you had your extensions applied.

Can I have hair extensions if I’ve lost my hair through medical reasons?

Yes, that’s not a problem.

Racoon International’s Hair in Recovery programme provides safe hair extensions for women who have lost their hair, and is supported by Iain Sallis M.I.T. Consultant Trichologist.

The programme offers a tried, tested and approved hair extension service that’s structured to be as accessible and affordable to as many women as possible.

A full consultation prior to application, care advice and instructions post-application, and regular salon check-up visits ensure the extensions, existing hair and scalp remain in ultimate condition.

How do I get Racoon hair extensions?

The first step is to book a consultation at your salon with your officially trained Racoon stylist.  This is the time when you can talk with him or her about what kind of new look you’re after, the type of extensions that are best for you and the price.

The Racoon stylist will also check the condition of your hair and determine your expectations, so they can be realistically matched.

Are Racoon hair extensions expensive?

No, because we offer beautiful options for every customer, whatever their budget.

We are the UK’s number-one in hair extensions and were voted ‘2011 Most Affordable Luxury’ in Your Hair magazine.

With several different types of hair and three ways of applying the hair extensions, we can tailor the salon experience to suit every customer.

The highest quality NEW Euro Hair still won’t break the bank balance as Racoon offers better value over other companies in the industry.

Our ingenious ‘reusable’ system means you can buy a full head of hair extensions that last for six months. And with regular maintenance, you can have them trimmed and reapplied for months after that.

Can my hair be coloured when wearing hair extensions?

Hair can be coloured, but great care must be taken not to get colour on to either bonds or Micro Weft tapes.

Highlights or lowlights are best achieved during maintenance appointments at your salon with your Racoon stylist.

Will glue be applied to my hair or my scalp?

Absolutely not. A gentle translucent bond is used to apply Racoon hair extensions. This bond, unique to Racoon International, is specially formulated to work on hair and is scientifically proven not to damage hair.

You can also get virtually invisible Micro Wefts, which have an ultra flexible micro header along the top of the hair extension and are applied to your own hair.

Why Racoon International hair extensions?

Racoon offers the finest quality hair extensions that are 100% ethically sourced.

There is no need for chemical or patch testing, and we’re the only dedicated hair extension company to achieve the British Standards Institute ISO 9001 accreditation – that means an independent body has approved every fundamental of our business.

Racoon’s hair extensions are also scientifically proven to keep natural hair safe. Research has been conducted under the guidance of Iain Sallis M.I.T. Consultant Trichologist, who has three clinics in Nuffield Hospitals and one at the Claremont Hospital, Sheffield.

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Get The Products, Shop Now

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