Micro Wefts

Racoon International Micro Wefts are the ultimate way to adapt or completely change your client’s existing hairstyle on a short-term basis.

They have a super-fine and ultra flexible micro header which is virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear.

The premium quality hair is root point correct with the cuticle intact. They can also be coloured by 6% peroxide and styled with heated appliances of up to 160˚c.

They enable the flexibility of colour blending, while adding length and volume. Ideal as a “lunchtime makeover”, you can have a full head of Micro Wefts applied within an hour.

They can be worn for up to four weeks before they are removed, revitalised and reapplied (and this can be carried out twice).

As with all Racoon International hair extensions, they are endorsed by an independent M.I.T. registered Trichologist.

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Get The Products, Shop Now

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