NEW Euro Hair

NEW Euro Hair is the ultimate in hair quality. It’s the number one choice of Racoon International clients worldwide.

Racoon’s award winning and best selling Euro hair feels as natural as your own hair, and now it’s better than ever. It can be styled with heated appliances up to 160° and coloured up to 6% peroxide – even permed!

Racoon’s NEW Euro hair is a bend of 70% Indian Remy and 30% Chinese Remy. This type of hair is collected from one source and has been cut so its cuticles remain intact. Carefully cutting the hair ensures that it is root point correct and undamaged.

NEW Euro hair can be worn for at least six months with salon maintenance and rotation for every four to six weeks.

Available in: Hot-Bonded and Pre-Bonded extensions.

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Get The Products, Shop Now

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