Hair in recovery

Our Hair in Recovery programme is unique to Racoon and has been developed with a leading Trichologist to work for clients who are suffering from medical hair loss or recovering from chemotherapy.

What is the Racoon Hair in Recovery Programme

This amazing  programme has been designed for anyone who have been through medical treatments causing hair loss and are now recovering and growing back their hair.  Our unique attachment method using our Luxe bond hair extensions with bespoke blending has been scientifically proven not to damage the recovering hair and allows your own natural hair to take the time it needs to recover and grow whilst you have a full head of beautiful hair!

In order to join the programme you will need to apply and upload images of your hair as it is currently and confirmation of your condition from a medical professional.

We will match you with a Hair in Recovery Specialist and put you in touch to arrange a face-to-face consultation to confirm your eligibility for the scheme.

Once you and your Hair in Recovery Specialist are in agreement we can add you to the scheme and you will receive hair for 1 year at a greatly reduced rate whilst you grow your own hair.


Do you want to be able to go that extra mile for your clients and be able to help them when they most need it?  Join our premier training course and learn this unique method that will allow you to work with clients who have medical hair loss or are recovering from treatments that have caused hair loss, like chemotherapy.  This specialist hair extensions training is in conjunction with a leading trichologist and will cover the wider subject of hair science alongside the learning of the method, placement and  continuing care.  Once you have completed your Racoon International Hair in Recovery Specialist Diploma you will be fully certified to offer hair extensions to those with medical hair loss.

Interested?  Check out our upcoming training course dates


Iain Sallis is one of the UK’s leading trichologists and has worked with us on our Hair in Recovery Programme for medical hair loss for over 20 years.  Iain’s focus is always the health and well-being of natural hair and so his input into this programme has been invaluable.

It is through research undertaken with Iain that we can be assured that our Hair in Recovery Method of attachment and placement is not damaging in any way to the hair and scalp and it allows the natural hair to recover and grow in the healthiest way possible.

Iain is also involved in the ongoing Racoon International Hair in Recovery Course for hair extension specialists, which covers all aspects of hair science. This course enables specialists to effectively assess the hair of all Hair in Recovery clients to ensure suitability for the programme. Iain will work continuously with clients to ensure that the health and recovery of their natural hair remain the key focus throughout their journey.

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Hair In Recovery – Gemma

It is never ‘just hair’! An amazing Hair in Recovery result

Hair In Recovery – Erin

Amazing results for this incredible client on our Hair in Recovery Programme

Hair In Recovery – Lucy

Amazing results for this incredible client on our Hair in Recovery Programme

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