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Our hair is root point correct, cuticle intact, ethically sourced, premium quality human hair.  In a wide range of standard colours and with a bespoke colour matching & blending service by our UK based hair room you will always get exactly the colour you need to match invisibly to your own natural hair.

Our Luxe Hair extensions are offered in several different attachment types to suit different hair types and client preferences.  Each of our methods has been specifically designed to be discreet in the hair and all of them have been tested and approved by an independent trichologist to cause no damage your own natural hair.  Each method uses our ethically sourced, premium quality human hair that looks and feels like your own.


Our most premium bespoke service where hair is hand blended and applied individually with a unique bonding, no bigger than a grain of rice. No pre-bonding means that you completely control the amount of hair in each bond to suit the hair density for an ultra versatile solution. 


Our Luxe Links are the smallest links available on the market. The link is discreetly hidden under the hair extension making them very discreet and virtually undetectable. They create no tension and feel weightless to wear. They are applied with no glues or heat and are quick to apply and remove.


Our Luxe Tapes are micro in size, they can be worn discreetly whether your hair is up or down. the ultra fine and flexible micro header makes them virtually undetectable and comfortable to wear. Great for adding instant volume and length and are our quickest system to fit.


Our Luxe Weave system allows for maximum hair, in minimum time! Without the use of adhesives, sewing or braiding, our Luxe Weave system is perfect for those who are looking for MAX volume, length and thickness! With a super fine, flexible header, once applied the Luxe weave is virtually undetectable!


Our easy-to-use Luxe Clip-Ins are virtually invisible and their ultra-slim header makes them incredibly comfortable to wear and easy to fit. Made from 100 percent human hair they come in ten colours, available in full sets, 22” long.


Create the perfect pony tail with our new Luxe Clip-in pony tails.  An absolute essential to have in your styling kit for those days when you want catwalk worthy styling in no time at all!  They can be styled or curled and worn high or low .  Available in 4 shades.

Already a Racoon Hair Extensions wearer?  Check out our Homecare brochure to ensure you get the very best from your hair extensions


To ensure hair always looks salon fabulous, The Xtend hair care range has been formulated specifically to work harmoniously with all Racoon Luxe Hair Extension systems and the clients’ own natural hair. Formulated to beautifully cleanse, condition, detangle and add shine, Xtend is the must-have range for both in-salon and home use to maintain the quality of both the hair and the attachments.

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